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GeeGee gaming

GeeGee EDGE PS5 gaming case

GeeGee EDGE PS5 gaming case

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GeeGee Gaming Case 


- Space for PlayStation 5 and 2 DualSense controllers. (Playstation not included)
- AOC 1080p 24-inch monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. 1ms response time. No motion-  smearing or ghosting.
- Built-in USB 3.0 hub to keep your controllers, headphones, and other peripherals charged and ready for action.
- Ethernet port for the best internet connection during online sessions.
- Light weight aluminium case for optimal protection when traveling with your precious PlayStation.
- Custom Design possible! 

From your hotel room to your friend's man cave: with the ultimate gaming case, the GeeGee EDGE, you can game at the top tier anywhere!

The Ultimate Setup, Wherever You Are

Wrapping your PlayStation in towels and stuffing it in your bag to play on a crappy screen at your friend's place or on vacation? That's a thing of the past with our GeeGee EDGE gaming case. With the EDGE, you're assured to have the best gaming experience possible, anywhere. Play online multiplayer games in the same room as your friend instead of alone in your room? Hell yes! That's possible now!

Metal Protection

Thanks to the aluminum housing, both your PlayStation 5 and controllers are excellently protected. The controllers fit snugly in foam cutouts, so they can't move around!

Blazing-Fast Display

The EDGE has a built-in AOC monitor with a whopping 144Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. The ideal display for games like Call of Duty and Street Fighter, where every millisecond can mean the difference between winning and losing! So you don't have to worry about motion-smearing or ghosting at all!

Always Charged Up

The built-in USB 3.0 hub ensures that your controllers, headset, and other peripherals are always charged. So you're always ready for action, at any time of day!

No WiFi Warrior

Bad ping? Not your thing! Any gamer who takes themselves seriously knows that if you want the best online gaming experience, you play on a wired connection. The EDGE gaming case, of course, has a built-in ethernet slot to facilitate that!

Eye-Catching Design

If you're into premium quality and design, then you're in the right place! Expect a lot of positive attention and comments from not only friends but also bystanders when you travel, who'll have something to say about the sleek, powder-coated aluminum finish. Want a custom backboard with Goku or your own design? That's possible too! Check the options at "Your Custom Gaming Case Design!" This case is compatible with the PlayStation 5 disc version and the PlayStation 5 digital. Wherever you go - a tropical vacation, a gaming friend's place, your grandma's, or a party - you'll always be able to game with your portable setup without compromising on quality. Scroll back up and get it now!

Your Custom Gaming Case Design!

Personalize your GeeGee Edge Gaming Case with a custom backboard! Submit your design or image and have your own logo or favorite franchise put on your gaming case. Your football club's logo? Goku doing a Kamehameha? Ken vs. Ryu duking it out? It's all possible! Here's how it works: Save your design as a PNG (300ppi) or PDF file. After placing your order, you'll receive a request to submit your design. Once we have it, we'll get to work bringing your customized GeeGee Edge to life!

Use Cases

  • Game at the top tier anywhere with the ultimate gaming case.
  • Play online games in couch co-op by easily transporting and setting up.
  • Hardcore and pro-gamers can stay on their game by continuing to play on their own hardware instead of hotel room TVs.
  • Wrapping your PlayStation in towels or stuffing it in a bag with cushions is a thing of the past with our steel case. Your hardware is well-protected against bumps during travel.
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